10 Surprising Facts for International Youth Day

International Youth Day was designated by the United Nations in 1999, inspired by the World Conference of Ministers Responsible for Youth held in Lisbon in 1998. 

Youth Population 

There are over 1.8 billion young people aged 15 to 29 globally, making up about 25% of the world's population. 

Over 71% of young adults have profiles on social media platforms, making them the most digitally connected generation 

Digital Natives 

Youth and Climate Change 

Greta Thunberg started her solo climate protest at the age of 15, igniting a global youth movement for climate action.

Youth Innovation 

Louis Braille, the inventor of Braille script for the blind, created the system when he was just 15 years old

Nick D'Aloisio, at 17, developed Summly, an app that summarized news articles, catching the attention of tech giants like Yahoo.

Teen Tech Prodigy 


At 17, Nadia Comăneci scored the first perfect 10 in Olympic gymnastics history during the 1976 Montreal Olympics. 

Youth in Sports 

In 1985, 17-year-old Samantha Cristoforetti dreamt of being an astronaut; she later became the European Space Agency's first female commander.

Youth Space Mission 

Jack Andraka, at 15, developed a groundbreaking method for detecting pancreatic cancer early, revolutionizing medical diagnostics. 

Youth and Technology

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